Sunday, August 31, 2014

Mexico City Marathon

Happy Sunday (full of fun-day?)! This morning the Carrillo men (along with my sis-in-law, Cris) woke at 3:00am for the Mexico City Marathon. Mami Isa, Santi and myself stayed home and tended to home-like things (freshly made juice for Santi, some fruit and tamales for a late-morning meal). Also included is a picture of me and my corn on a stick! I loooove corn on a stick - but corn on a stick does not like to share my belly with freshly made juice... and I got a tummy ache afterward. But was able to enjoy a boat-load of fruit later in the day. Hoorah!

Check out the size of the grapes 'round here! Sants pants loved them, I had cut them up and removed the seeds so he could enjoy them, but of course he was a goof and instead grabbed the biggest grapes he could find, bit into them, ate the seeds, and was content. We also ate pomegranate arils with apple, and later when we got hungry we enjoyed a tamal. We turned on the TV early in the AM to watch the runners take off, and Santi said, "papa!" when he saw the runners. So sweet.

All marathon photos are courtesy of my almost-sister-in-law, Cris, who joined my papa and the men during the race. She also ended up running (for the first time ever) about 15km (over 9 miles) and the majority of those kilometers were stairs since her main source of transportation was the metro. They were completely exhausted once they arrived home, as you can imagine, so please keep them in your prayers as they recover these next few days (or weeks!).

tv pic of the Angel in Mexico City:

Today for the first time (ever?!) our little peanut snuggled with me! He was full of love, smooching me, hugging me, patting my cheeks and rolling all over the bed. It was superb. Enjoy the low-quality but high-beauty photo from my cell phone's camera:

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Race:

Pablo's first marathon: he felt good, took a few walk breaks, but is excited to train for another one sometime next year. He did a fascinating trick of only having a fruit/nut bar before the race, then only water during the race, and a little Gatorade once he finished the race (which he regretted, it didn't sit well in his stomach) then he ate bread with jam.

Carlos' second marathon: also felt great until about mile 19, then suddenly his batteries completely went out. He tried to reach for his gel (a sugar/salt/carbs/everything a runner's exhausted muscles needs) and couldn't even grab it off his belt, let alone bring it up to his mouth to tear it with his teeth. From there, he walked until the finish line.

Edu's eighth marathon: he felt good, but the high altitude was heavy on him. He was planning on running this marathon on "all he had" well-knowing he was not going to break 3 hours, and taking it easy since he ran a marathon in April and July of this year. He finished at 3 hours 18 minutes. He stayed at the finish line waiting for Pablo and Carlos, which was a mistake because he didn't eat anything and the sun was powerful - he felt extremely dizzy and weak because of this.

Their thoughts: Pablo would love to run another marathon next year, and train a little harder. This past training season was hard because he had a lot of activities with church, work, etc. and it was hard to commit to each day's training. Carlos is also looking forward to running another marathon, but no more in Mexico City because of the high altitude, and he will avoid the hottest months for training. Maybe he will do one next July. Edu is still set on training for possibly April of next year for his third Boston Marathon - and agrees with Carlos in that no more Mexico City Marathons will be in his plans. Cris jokingly said tomorrow she will wake early to run another 15km so that her legs get used to it, "because that's how I'll become a runner" - she did not mention any serious desire to run any races in the future. Papi Humberto ran way too much, more than he should since he has severe Plantar fasciitis but will always run to cheer on his sons, no matter the distance, pace, or cost he will pay afterward.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Mexico City: Sweet Breads and Grandpa Time

Friday was a special day because papa Humberto was off work! Vacation time: commence for gpa! Santi started his day off with some very longed for breakfast with belo (the shorten version of "grandpa" in Spanish) as well as tractor play. We walked to the juice stand, then the veggie and fruit stand, happily hand-in-hand with his belo and bela. He also ate spaghetti waaaay before any of us did, because it looked good and he doesn't understand the art of waiting until dinner time.

(I think those are lima beans next to peas in their pods)

Then we shot a quick family shoot (the downside of being the photographer: you don't appear in 98% of the family photos.) Mami Isa made spaghetti. The Mexican way is to boil your spaghetti, boil some tomatoes, blend the then peeled tomatoes with garlic, salt and onion, then pour the tomato sauce in a pan and let it boil/simmer, add the spaghetti and allow the spaghetti noodles to suck up the tomato sauce. Then you have "red" spaghetti! Delicious! It was served with fish for Carlos and Pablo, and Edu had a huge plate of pasta, brown rice and potatoes with a small amount of beans - carb loading for Marathon Sunday!

(My -almost- sister in law Cris!)

Then we went to visit our aunt Carmen and her daughter who is just coming up on 39 weeks pregnant, she was glowing with excitement awaiting the arrival of her baby girl, Jade. Her 4-year-old was asleep on the couch when we got there. We only stayed a short while to catch up, then we drove back home because we had another Aunt waiting for us for a visit! Aunt Lilia, cousin Tito (his nickname is Tito, his real name is Jose Luis) and cousin Karen. Uncle Luis was working. Santi warmed up to them really quickly, and spent most of his time (before bed) playing with his cousin Tito!

Santi was introduced to something new today: sweet bread! He tasted the really sugary crispy bread (hidden under the roll on the right) and enjoyed the first bites, then said, "nooo" - he preferred the honey whole wheat bread on the left. Before I knew it it was 8:00pm, past his bedtime, and he did not want to stop eating his sweet bread. I told him, "I understand you love that bread, but it's time for bed, maybe you can have some more for tomorrow" and my, oh my, he was such a champ! He actually said, "bye" to the plate of bread and went to bed after "kissing" each family member. His version of kissing is usually just leaning in for them to kiss him on the forehead.

A lot of family prayed for his evening, since he has only had one good, long restful night since we arrived on August 21st, and PRAISE THE LORD our little guy slept like a rock from 8:30pm to 5:00am. I hushed him to sleep without getting out of bed, then he woke again, I picked him up because he started screaming "agua!" (water in Spanish) so I picked him up, gave him his water bottle, and then sung him, "Jesus Loves Me" - he slept until 7:45am.

And as I am finishing this post he is 1 hour and 20 minutes into his nap.

Feels so good (for him and us).